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The Moses Hills House, Circa 1740 - AVAILABLE

The Thomas Newson House, Circa 1735 - Restored

Newson House  After Restoration

Restoration Before Before Restoration

After Restoration  After Restoration

 Completed Project - Noah Webster House
Noah Webster House  Noah Webster House
We preserve the character
and architectural integrity
of period structures.

For over 20 years, Glastonbury Restoration has specialized in the restoration of period structures, emphasizing excellence in design, accurate interpretation of period architectural detail and fine installations. We provide creative design and practical low maintenance solutions for the reproduction or contemporary home. The use of durable and high quality materials, along with good aesthetics, has served our reputation well.

Our exterior work typically involves design; framing/structural repair; interpretation and/or replication of period detail; painting and preparation; lead paint and paint stripping concerns; installation of siding, trim windows, and doors; and both cedar and asphalt roofs.

Our interior work includes antique flooring repair; installation and refinishing; architectural millwork and cabinetry; painting; and plastering.

- Complete restoration contracting
- Exterior siding and trim
- Cedar roofs
- Exterior house painting
- Architectural millwork, paneled walls, doorways
- Plastering services

Recent Projects
- Noah Webster House Museum
- Loomis Homestead at Loomis Chaffee School
- Captain Thomas Newson House (exterior)
- 1911 Alfred Plant House
- 1806 center hall house in Simsbury Publication

- The New York Times
- The Boston Globe
- Colonial Homes Magazine
- Antiques and the Arts Weekly
- The Hartford Courant
- Early American Life

Awards & Recognitions
- Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation
- The Hartford Preservation Alliance
- The Town of West Hartford

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